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ACTIV8 was founded on the simple principle of fun at any age. We created the two greatest ways to party –  our gaming lounge in Ferndale, MI and our mobile gaming unit.

Our lounge is filled with the best in entertainment. We have Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to Atari 2600, Sega and more. In addition to our console gaming we have 10 high-end gaming PCs, retro arcades, blazing fast Internet access, and a comfortable lounge/bar environment. Our killer sound and lighting system makes everything in the lounge pop. Great fun for birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, and more.

The mobile gaming unit brings the party to your event. Setup as a concert stage, head-to-head motion gaming, or intense tournament layout, it’s always a hit. Staffed by our certified gaming experts, your guests will have a great time and your event will be unlike any other.

When you book your next party at Activ8‘s private gaming lounge. You can search available dates and get a quote.
BONUS SPECIAL DEAL CODE:  Make sure to use code “PWNED” and you get $50 off of that quote!